Guns, or Why News Webpages Disabled or Removed the Comment Box Entirely

Given the nature of humanity, I know why common-sense gun control laws won’t work in America.

  • in the May 24 Uvalde shooting, the cops had body armor and police training and firearms, but would not go in because they were “given instructions to wait outside”. Parents tried to go in and save their children, but were stopped by the police who were summoned to save their children. One woman (with no police training, firearms or body armor) jumped the barricade and went into save her kids. Once she got back over the barricade with her children (who were now safe), she was arrested by the police who still did not go in to save the children they were summoned to rescue. As a result, 2 teachers and 19 students died in the time the police spent operating the cordon.
  • In the May 14 Buffalo shooting, the security guard had police training and a firearm, but he died responding to the gunman’s attack. RIP Aaron Salter Jr., and thank you for your service with the Buffalo PD. 10 people died, with 3 people injured.
  • In the 2018 Parkland shooting, the school resource officer had police training and a firearm, but chose to hide from the shooter outside and wait for backup. His argument was that he “didn’t want to get shot.” The shooter was free to kill for several minutes and almost got away because he blended in with his former classmates (he was previously expelled). It was the students that caught the killer, not the cops. 15 students and 2 teachers died, with 17 others wounded.
  • In the 2018 Tennessee Waffle House shooting, James Shaw, Jr. had no police training or weapons or body armor, but he was able to save nearly everyone in the building from dying at the hands of a potential mass shooter. 4 people died, and 2 were injured.
  • In several Japanese examples of violent crime, the perpetrators did not have a gun but they killed people all the same. Fire, stabbing, running them over with trucks — you name it. When violent crime happens, police in Japan rely on their martial arts training (kendo, judo, etc.) AND their police training. Japan hasn’t suffered significant firearms violence in their country for several decades, because the NATIONAL gun control regulations are strong enough to prevent lax or criminal gun ownership yet permissive enough to those who truly want a firearm. Nobody needs body armor in Japan because gun ownership (more likely gun possession) is very low.
  • Blaming mental illness doesn’t work, because if you say “we need to address mental illness in this country” you’re backing psych evaluations for gun ownership, regardless of the phrase’s power as a dog whistle to discourage discussions on gun control. If you don’t think you are, you need to be mentally evaluated. On that note, “addressing mental illness in this country” means you’re also advocating for greater mental health access in America FOR EVERYBODY. Again: if you don’t think you are, you need to be mentally evaluated.
  • Police officers literally don’t have to do what we’ve been told is their primary function: to protect people. If you’ve seen what cops look like now, they’re either hair-trigger adrenaline junkies, 4-F rejects, people with chips on their shoulders, people using the badge to commit crimes, or some combination — and the cops that know and don’t stop them are just as guilty. If you know what police officers actually do, I’m sorry you had to hear that.
  • Believing in the fantasy of “good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns” doesn’t work b/c shooters get body armor too, and at low prices. They also get discounts on ammo purchases. Plus, the good guys never seem to move or think as fast as the bad guys committing crimes (see above). And sometimes the bad guys aren’t seen as a threat because there’s always a common tool lying around to kill someone — knives, hammers, screwdrivers and cleavers (like mass killers use in Asian countries). If they want to, killers will find a way to kill someone without guns.
  • Legal penalties and punishments for breaking gun ownership laws or committing gun violence doesn’t work, since penalties and punishments apply after the crime is committed. We are trying to prevent crimes, not pay for them after the fact.
  • Going into violent situations with a gun and a “hero mindset” does not work; it usually gets people killed. Instead of working to be a hero, it should be people trying to save lives. You’ll never be a hero with a gun, but you can save lives without a gun.



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Shaun Watson

Shaun Watson

Writing from a need to get my notes from Facebook to a place where someone can see them, I hope you like my stuff.