MOVIE REVIEW: Cherry 2000 (1987)

Morpheus’ club lawyer job in the world of the Matrix were part of the reason why he joined the Resistance.
Her hair screams “bulldyke”, yet E complains about Sam’s dedication to the Cherry 2000. I don’t think he’d even wanna get involved with a woman that’s mannish like water. Then again, she IS holding a rifle…
Pamela Gidley as the titular Cherry sex droid.
  • Look for cameos by Robbie the Robot (“Lost in Space”[TV] and Forbidden Planet) & Gort (The Day The Earth Stood Still)
  • When Sam first meets E, she’s wearing a shirt that says “DIGNITY” on it. Not with that hairdo…
  • During the Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) battle on the magnetic crane, the Mustang takes 2 direct hits, leaving vehicle and passengers intact. I can hear the old dude from the Thomas Dolby video yelling “SCIENCE!”



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Shaun Watson

Shaun Watson


Writing from a need to get my notes from Facebook to a place where someone can see them, I hope you like my stuff.