MOVIE REVIEW: Cyber Bride (2019)

I felt a chill run through my bones during this scene

Dear Reader: Mental health is not a joke, and neither is your digital information, so make sure after you read this to set up some sort of LIVING WILL which dictates the use of the files that make up your digital footprint.

  • The podcaster (Shawn C. Phillips) really sold the creep factor while touting the “benefits” of owning a CyberTech cyborg companion.
  • I know similar ideas to solve companionship issues have been posited before in visual media: AMC’s “Humans” [TV], DETROIT: Become Human [VG], the Westworld franchise (the 1973 movie, its 1976 sequel, the 1980 CBS TV series, and the 2016 HBO TV series), The Stepford Wives (1975 and the 2004 remake), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), Ex Machina (2014), the Blade Runner franchise (1982 and its 2019 sequel), A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001), and to an even grimmer extent, Cloud Atlas (2012). I just don’t think it’s been this badly handled before, but I’m probably wrong.
  • I don’t know if there is a nicer security guard in the world; I’m glad at least one guy isn’t a damned fool in this movie.
  • The lone Black actress in this movie is Carmina Cordelia, as Don’s cyborg plaything “Kim”. She shows up in all the promo videos — and this is her very first feature-length movie!
  • The CyberTech maintenance tech (Mike Kelson) was amazing; I’d have him at my back anytime in a robot uprising.
  • A telling fact: none of the women in the movie had CyberTech cyborg companions of any gender. I wonder how women having cyborg companions might have impacted the story.
  • Andrew Hollingworth’s American accent is fantastic. It’s odd when compared to almost EVERYONE ELSE’S British accent and he’s also supposed to be British.
  • The front-man Don Daniels is a bit strange; what if HE’S a cyborg standing in for another person? If so, why?
  • SHYAMALAN TWIST: This movie was written by two men, but directed by a woman.



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Shaun Watson

Shaun Watson

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