MOVIE REVIEW: Rock & Rule (1983)

Our two lovers, Omar (right) and Angel.
  • The character sketches of all the players. I went through that DVD extra and was amazed at all the work that went into giving Omar a mullet and making Angel look bug-eyed.
  • The performance at amateur night was absolutely amazing. It turns out they did some photo studies and animated over it to show the rock.
  • Mok’s full name is Mok Swagger, as a parody of Mick Jagger. Jagger threatened to sue Nelvana, so it’s just Mok. Doesn’t change the fact that Mok is like a cross between David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Seriously, look at Mok’s lips, his speech and his style. He’s the Thin White Duke with Jagger lips.
  • The road trip scene was an accurate example of what I mean when a scene in a movie is scored properly. With the tension of the chase, the music was just right for a road trip where the end result may be kicking someone’s ass.
  • When I found out that Don Francks did the voice for Sabretooth in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, I was waiting for Mok to yell out “BERZERKER CLAW! NYAAAAAAAAA!!!!”



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Shaun Watson

Shaun Watson


Writing from a need to get my notes from Facebook to a place where someone can see them, I hope you like my stuff.