MOVIE REVIEW: Sin City — A Dame to Kill For (2014)

This movie had a lot of variant posters. ABOVE: Frank Miller the Director.
Femme-fatale Ava (played by Eva Green) is normally shot in black and white except for her red lips. When things get hairy, the lighting department uses the starlight setting and the character’s eyes take on a green color. This woman is LITERALLY the Devil.
  • “Just Another Saturday Night”: Marv beats up punks in the street and kills them, trying to remember where he got his coat and gloves. The nights bleed together, where he can't tell them apart. Neither will the audience.
  • "The Long Bad Night”: Lucky gambler Johnny comes to Sin City to win big. He beats Senator Roark — the power behind Sin City — in poker. Twice. Bad things happen to Johnny, but not before Lady Gaga gives him a dollar.
  • "A Dame to Kill For”: We learn why Dwight got his face changed — a whole-ass adventure involving his alluring ex-girlfriend, a blue-clad devil-woman named Ava. Marv utters the titular line.
  • "Nancy’s Last Dance”: Hartigan watches from beyond the grave as Nancy descends into alcoholism and madness over him — her lost love . She vows revenge on Senator Roark, father of the Yellow Bastard, and seeks it out.
Gambler Johnny (Joseph Gordon Levitt) looks down on Basin City as a mark. but he’s about to lose big.
  • I’m pretty sure Jessica Alba deserves an Oscar for her performance in this movie. It is second to Kate Beckinsale’s performance in The Disappointments Room, but it IS good.
  • The music cues for Marv are AMAZING. All crazy acid jazz sax, all the time.
  • I’ll never stop looking at the beautiful Rosario Dawson, especially when she’s photographed in black and white.
  • The character Ava literally HAS to be the Devil.
  • The music created by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler for this movie — “Skin City” — was pitch perfect for the environment: a honky-tonk titty dive bar.
  • Directors for this movie make a cameo in the bar: Roberto Rodriguez and Frank Miller.
  • In light of Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis, you’d never know he had it here.
  • The action sequences can be repetitive. Based on the Wikipedia article, the phrase “Marv and [insert character name here] mount an assault on [insert villain name here]’s compound” appears one too many times.
  • Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU [TV]) and Marton Csokas (Xena: Warrior Princess [TV], XXX [2002]) were wasted in this film. Jeremy Piven (Entourage [HBO]) was not: he made an amazing turn as Detective Bob, the only person in Sin City PD with any sense in his head. Shame how he ended up with all that sense splattered through the back of his head…
  • The scene between Ray Liotta (Goodfellas, No Escape) and Juno Temple (Maleficent, The Other Boleyn Girl, Black Mass) was very tense, because both of them made a lot of sense. I side with both of them.
  • The character of Manute was played by Dennis Haysbert (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century [TV], the Allstate insurance company commercials voice) in the wake of the death of the original actor, Michael Clarke Duncan (Stephen King’s The Green Mile).
  • The character of Miho was played by actress Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch, MTV’s The Real World 14: San Diego [TV]) when the original actress Devon Aoki (DEBS, 2 Fast 2 Furious) quit acting to go be a mom. This is news to me, as I thought she left to take over the Benihana empire from her deceased father, founder Rocky Aoki.
  • Concerning Jamie Chung’s Miho, the performance was OK — while she was able to kill several men by turning into a very sexy Cuisinart, when she chooses not to emote it’s just not the same. Also, makeup needs to fuckin’ cool it with the eyeliner wings — she could fly with those.
  • Backstory on Miho was VERY nice to see.
  • THE ENDING WAS VERY BAD. After all that build-up for Nancy, we don’t see the resolution — we are left to assume what happened next. That’s the part about that bugs me.



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Shaun Watson

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