MOVIE REVIEW: The Darkest Hour (2011)

  • “Skyler”: Worst Swedish name EVAR. Also a dickface.
  • Anna Roudakova as Tess, the only person who should not have died. She had no lines but was sooooooooo fine.
  • In the movie, the main character mentions glass is an insulator. To me that sounded fishy, so I looked it up. Wikipedia says it is an insulator and has been for 60+ years, and many other sources also state this as fact. Way to go, screen writers, you did the research.
  • INVISIBLE. ALIENS. All the money went to filming in Moscow, apparently.
  • Vika representing all Russia with a Molotov cocktail to an alien’s face.
  • BORIS. He shoots rockets.
  • If this movie is supposed to take place in 2011 post-Communist Russia, why does it look as if even the graphic designers are taking cues from the Command and Conquer video game series and placing the movie’s world in Soviet Russia?
  • A friend of mine with Russian ancestry would have told me that all the Russians needed were TANKS. According to BORIS, they only need rockets.
  • I fucking hate that stupid bitch Anne; she could have lived! Too scared…



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Shaun Watson

Shaun Watson

Writing from a need to get my notes from Facebook to a place where someone can see them, I hope you like my stuff.